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The good weather is coming again soon. Good maintenance is important for your Fiat 500. Good maintenance includes regular oil changes.

Regular oil changes are essential for maintaining your car. Proper lubrication keeps the engine in top condition and it also extends the life of your car.

When changing oil, it is very important to use engine oil that best suits your car. If you choose the wrong motor oil, you could permanently damage your engine.

Why an oil change?
Your car’s engine cannot function without oil. Engine oil puts a thin layer of oil on the moving engine parts, reducing wear and friction. As a result, your car functions better and smoother at any temperature. Moreover, engine oil also protects against rust and provides necessary cooling to the engine.

When to change oil?
Change engine oil every 10,000 km or 6 months (whichever comes first):
Drain the oil from the plug on the right side of the crankcase when the car is warm. Do this in a container with enough space for 3 litres to avoid spillage. Let the oil drain for at least 10 minutes. Clean the drain plug and check the washer (a tapered drain plug does not require a washer). Replace the plug and refill the crankcase with 2.3 litres (via the valve cover). Check the level on the dipstick and add some more if necessary. The oil should be changed after 5,000 km if the car is used mainly for city driving, especially in winter or dusty conditions. Use a top-quality “multigrade” oil (such as Fiat van der Laan sells), with no other additives. If you have just bought an old car and the oil is very black, first flush it out with flush oil. When draining, jack up the left side of the car when most of the oil is out so that any sediment flows out better.

Clean engine oil filter every 20,000km or annually (whichever comes first):
Remove the six bolts (10mm) from the centrifugal oil filter cover. Inside the fan drive pulley is the filter. Put a rag under it to catch the oil running out. Carefully remove the cover. Do not poke it with a sharp object or the soft metal surface will be damaged and may leak. Remove the rubber sealing ring. Scrape the dirt from the outside of the filter, both from the half still on the engine and from the lid. Take care not to get dirt into the engine’s oil channels leading to and from the filter, near the centre of the filter. Reassemble the filter with a new sealing ring. Tighten the bolts gradually, evenly and diagonally.

Source: Haynes Owners Workshop Manual Fiat 500

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