Holiday and a summer promotion!

Holiday and a summer promotion with 10% discount on (almost) everything!

For years, Fiat van der Laan has stood for personal attention, craftsmanship and quality. To guarantee that throughout the year, we also need to “overhaul” ourselves from time to time. From 24 July to 31 July, we will be out due to a short break. When we are fully recharged again, we can then get back to doing what we do best: offering you the best quality, price and service.

During 2 weeks (22 July to 4 August), we are happy to offer you a concession, namely 10% discount on almost all products. Immediately after returning home (from 1 August), we will ship the orders in order of receipt. We assume that we will have cleared all backlogs by 4 August. Orders placed after 21 July will be shipped on 1 August or later!

Thank you in advance for your trust in our beautiful company and for your understanding!


  • 10% discount on almost all items, except items like electronic ignitions, overhauled parts and gift cards
  • Valid from July 22 to August 4, 2023
  • Does not apply to shipping costs
  • No refund possible
  • Not in combination with other offers

You will see the discount at checkout.

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