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Hi, my name is Patrick Hamers.

I bought a Fiat 500F (1966) in 2002. The Fiat was very rusty and didn’t pass the MOT check. After stripping the car it turned out that is was worse than expected. So a very long restauration begun…

After more than 10 years of restauration (not a full contineous process), the car was ready to get back on the road again. I still enjoy driving this Fiat 500.

I bought almost all of my Fiat 500 car parts at Leo van der Laan since the beginning. Leo helped me a lot with the troubles you can have with an old car. And besides this, we became friends and I was always welcome at Leo and Caroline.

Leo told me that the webshop was too much for one person to run, this was back in 2018. So I decided to give it a shot and I took a week leave and helped him to see if we can work together. After this week we concluded the time wasn’t ripe. I’ve two young kids and I didn’t live in the near of Krimpen aan den IJssel.

Now, in 2021, things changed. My kids are older, I had another job and Leo wanted a take-over instead of working together. This because of his health.

So half November (2021) we signed a contract and I started with a new website. The site is build in a couple of weeks and need still some work to get it were I want.

“van der Laan Fiat 500 parts” will be renamed to “Fiat van der Laan” and this adventure starts at 01-01-2022.

We want to deliver quality and customer support.

I want to thank Leo and Caroline for the faith in me and the nice conversations (with some drinks and snacks).

You can find all details of the restauration at http://www.fiat500f.nl

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